Afrofuturism evaluates the past and future to create better conditions for the present generation of B.I.P.O.C communities through the use of technology, often presented through art, music, and literature.

Our story

the Why

We’re not just a Brand Strategy Ad Agency that stays in its lane; we live to make a positive impact on the B.I.P.O.C community by giving voice to disenfranchised and under-represented groups in C-suites, casting rooms, and in foundational brand strategy development. We’re not just slinging products and services, we have a responsibility to represent our communities in our work and how we get that work done.

Our services


We look behind the creative to see insight surrounding performance and cultural impact. From there, we create a data-driven strategy to reach desired goals. We work with various tools and software in the market to plan and execute a viable campaign that garners results.


We source and secure partnerships that align with our clientele in different industries encompassing music, sports, fashion, tech, and consumer goods. We look at big brands and small businesses alike and find value in launching effective integrated campaigns.


We build communication strategy using qualitative research that drives messaging for content for social media, short-form videos, OTT, OHH, and intricate work such as animation and mixed media projects.


We are involved in the community and culture of advertising. We work with corporations and brands offering digital brand strategy and communication expertise centered around advocacy initiatives. Our team provides resources in identifying and avoiding micro-aggressions for employees of color. We champion resources and look for partners who advocate for B.I.P.O.C, i.e mentorship, HBCU recruiting.

Brandon Williams


In 2012 as an account executive, he helped scale the programmatic division of Engage BDR, leading to the company’s IPO in 2017. Brandon’s unique background highlights over 10 years of expertise in marketing and leveraging relationships into business.

Ashley LYLE

brand strategist

Ashley graduated from Stanford University. She has worked in the Music industry for over several years; working for the likes of Airbnb, Universal  Music, Sony Music, Variety, The Recording Academy,, Music Business Worldwide, Music Ally, and Hip Hop DX.